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Why choose JDiction®?

JDiction is always seeking to achieve the best value for premium quality. Our products are widely welcomed by beginners, craft resin lovers and artists with its professional-level effect since we truly believe that every piece of your artwork should be treated as masterpiece.

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What JDiction Customers Are Saying

I really love using this brand. Easy to use, clear/shiny finish, hardly any bubbles. I like that they added tips to the bottles and added better gloves.

I wish they sold it by the gallon. I'm super excited to purchase larger containers. Other resins leave way too many bubbles, but this one is by far the best.


Simple to operate, the plastic can be used directly without any preparation. The curing time is very short, made of material that is safe, has good transparency and is resistant to stains, self-leveling and degassing. Suitable for making jewelry, phone cases, handcrafted decorations.

Huy Le

First time ever using resin and I’m already hooked! Made sure I watched a couple YouTube videos before using the kit and the results were almost perfect!

Crafty C

The kit contains everything you need to get started and there’s no smell. I started off making a paperweight, with a painted pebble, just wanted to get the idea of using the resin. I added some glitter and the effect was good.

Overall it’s a good all round starter kit for the novice, but is also suitable for those with more experience.


This stuff is so easy to use and easy to add pigments and glitters. It cures perfectly under my lamp. I love that it comes with two bottles and caps rather than one huge squeeze bottle. Good stuff

Erick Samson

This resin kit lasts for a while if doing jewelry or small artworks with it. Easy to mix no flakes on it like others and it has a decent working time. Comes with mixing sticks and cups so that's good too. The finished product is very clear and shiny.

Keep Your Creative Moment

JDiction's new fomulated material for epoxy resin achieves 3 times UV protection than normal epoxy resin in the market. It helps your art piece to reach professinal-level and ultra crystal clear for longer lasting.

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