Mother's Day 10 Handmde Gift Ideas using Resin -- 2023

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and if you're looking for a unique and personalized gift for your mom, look no further than JDiction's craft supplies. With our epoxy resin, UV resin, and Resincrete, you can create one-of-a-kind gifts that your mom will cherish for years to come. Here are 10 creative Mother's Day gift ideas using our resin craft supplies

1. Coasters

Create a set of beautiful and functional coasters for your mom's morning coffee or evening glass of wine. Add dried flowers, glitter, or even photos to make them extra special.

2.Resin Photo:

Turn a favorite family photo into a stunning piece of art with resin. Add a wood slice or canvas as a backing for a rustic touch.


Make a stylish and functional tray for your mom's bedside table or living room. Add a pop of color with pigments, or add metallic flakes for a touch of glam. Add ResinCrete and Epoxy Resin in your cart to make it.


Create a unique piece of jewelry for your mom, such as a pendant, bracelet, or earrings. Use molds or freestyle with wire and dried flowers. Using UV resin  could design it within 2-5 min.

5.Resin Keychain:

Personalize a keychain for your mom with her favorite colors, patterns, or even a photo. Add a tassel or charm for an extra touch.

6.Resin Art:

Create a stunning piece of resin art for your mom's home. Use pigments and metallic flakes to make it truly stand out.


7.Resin Bookmark:

Make a personalized bookmark for your mom's favorite book. Add a tassel or charm for an extra touch.


8.ResinCrete Planter:

Make a miniature garden for your mom with a resin planter. Add succulents, air plants, or flowers for a touch of greenery.

9.ResinCrete Candle Holder:

Create a unique candle holder for your mom's favorite scented candle. Add dried flowers or metallic flakes to make it shine.

10. Resin Beginner's Kit: 

For moms who love to try new crafts, JDiction's resin beginner's kit is the perfect gift. It includes everything she needs to get started, including resin, molds, and pigments.

No matter what gift you choose, JDiction's resin craft supplies can help you create a truly unique and personalized Mother's Day gift. And with our beginner's kit, even those new to resin crafting can create something special for their mom. Show your mom how much you care with a gift that's as unique and special as she is.

Looking for more inspiration or supplies? Check out JDiction's collection of craft supplies, including epoxy resin, UV resin, and Resincrete, as well as a variety of pigments, and tools.