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Why choose JDiction®?

JDiction is always seeking to achieve the best value for premium quality. Our products are widely welcomed by beginners, craft resin lovers and artists with its professional-level effect since we truly believe that every piece of your artwork should be treated as masterpiece.


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JDiction Epoxidharz set 32oz - verbesserte Formel, 3 x UV-Schutz, epoxidharz glasklar gießharz (DE ONLY Sales)
  • $45.50
JDiction UV Resin, 500g (UK ONLY Sales)
  • $54.39
JDiction 2.25 Gallon Deep Pour Epoxy Resin, 2:1 Mix Ratio (US ONLY Sales)
  • $209.99
JDiction Epoxy Resin 948ml/32oz - 2X UV Resistant Resin Kit (UK ONLY Sales)
  • $40.99


JDiction 80OZ Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin (US ONLY Sales)
  • $59.99


JDiction Epoxy Resin 32OZ - Upgrade Formula, 3X UV Protection, Crystal Clear Resin Kit (UK ONLY Sales)
  • $55.00
  • $52.30


JDiction UV Resin Kit with Light (US ONLY Sales)
  • $23.99
  • $20.99


JDiction 24 Colors Glitter Mica Powder (US ONLY Sales)
  • $13.99
  • $12.59
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JDiction's new fomulated material for epoxy resin achieves 3 times UV protection than normal epoxy resin in the market. It helps your art piece to reach professinal-level and ultra crystal clear for longer lasting.

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